Rademakers Gallery will be at PAD Paris exhibiting for the first time a very special work: Show Me That You Care. Here Jorge Mañes Rubio takes the traditional Andalusian chair to new heights, transforming it into a mythical throne. This unique piece has been decorated with a multitude of intriguing creatures and symbols. The chair has its own feet, as if proclaiming its own nature. Beaded on the backrest, a delicious melon has been split open, reminiscing of a waning crescent moon, while a pair of eyes watch us attentively. On the back, a human face with golden eyes and tongue, framed in a powerful aura, delivers what could be a sacred message, their hands embracing a mystical force. The chair’s seat imitates the traditional Andalusian rope bottoms, but using a rich arrangement of glass beads in color-block patterns instead.

The chair’s frame, finished in a smooth marble-like surface, serves as a whimsical landscape where wolves, bears and ancestral entities seem to dance together in a captivating dream. Four beings at the front and back act as ritual operators, channelling the force of the animals their masks represent: bear, wolf, fish and bird; underworld, earth, water and sky. At the top, overlooking this miniature altar, two votive figures hold small doves in an act of ritual offering. With this work the artist envisions the home as a mythical space, conveying a powerful message of protection and transformation.