New Work

Making the Invisible Visible (Moon Rays)⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
From the Peak of Eternal Light series, 2020. 205x140x80cm
Iridescent & PP colour films

Making the Invisible Visible (Moon Rays)⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ is the latest piece from the series Peak of Eternal Light. In it, colourful shiny bands flow from top to bottom, represent the connection with the spirit world, making the invisible visible in a hypothetical lunar world. The work reflects on the power of shamans, more specifically those shamans who collaborated with the artist during his residency at the National Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea. In their practice, colourful costumes and props are used to contact specific spirits and gods, becoming sacred ritual objects. This artwork explores the existence of such objects and ritual practices in a future context outside our planet.

“There’s a mysterious light in their bodies, a vibrant fire that allows them to see through darkness and perceive things and coming events that are hidden from the eyes of others. Through these colourful rays of light they are exposed to the full power of the forces of the cosmos. They can see the spirits and communicate with them. They can see the souls of the dead and even hear them speaking. They can, in fact, see, hear, and know everything. Spirits are attracted to them because of their shining quality; they see them in the form of shining bodies that draw them and make them wish to go and live inside of them, giving them their own strength, sight and knowledge.”⁣⁣