El Tajín at Fotofestival Naarden

I’m honoured to bring the Totonac nation and its ancestral wisdom to the Fotofestival Naarden, invited by curator Guinevere Ras. El Tajín is a series of 4 artworks I created after visiting the Centro de Artes Indígenas CAI, a unique arts centre in Mexico that has been awarded by UNESCO as one of the best practices for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. Here, all year long, several school-houses preserve and teach indigenous ways-of-knowing to the future generations, from traditional healing to pottery, weaving, dancing or the ‘flowery word’, Totonac’s native tongue.

I feel indebted to Humberto García, CAI’s director, for blessing this exhibition and allowing us to share these works in Naarden.

Fotofestival Naarden opens on 3 July and you can find El Tajín by the water on the walls of the Vestingmuseum and at the tuincentrum Van der Roest.