Park, Set and Match

Park, Set and Match

‘Park, Set & Match’ is Rubio’s misreading of London’s supermarket parking systems, transforming them into public tennis tournaments. These large, privately owned properties are monitored by CCTV cameras and security guards, and are offered for free to clients in order to make their shopping experience a little bit easier. To be able to play, you only need to make a symbolic purchase, and use the supermarket receipt as a legal document to own one parking space for 3 hours. You are then able to set-up your tennis match that will be ‘televised’ by CCTV cameras, a public source recording allowing players to obtain a copy of their match through the Creative Commons Act. The winner receives an edible trophy made out of fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, commemorating the victory in a unique and tasteful way.

 24 hours TESCO in Earl’s Court, London


Information available at the parking space

  Tesco’s parking space compared to a professional tennis court


Rubio collecting his supermarket receipt 



Two players participating in the tennis tournaments


The referee


Two players taking a break and enjoying the supermarket groceries


Two players participating in the tennis tournaments


Edible trophy made with fruits and vegetables from the supermarket


A framed tennis shirt commemorates the tournament and features the supermarket receipt that was used to own the parking space















CCTV footage from the supermarket parking