My Own Factory. Photo: Matthew Booth

My Own Factory

Our consumerism culture and the unavoidable mass production techniques that support it have such a strong impact in blue collar workers behaviour. Factories are turned into places where people lose their own identities; the boundaries between machines and humans are no longer clear, and the consequences of this dehumanisation are being obviously ignored. “My own factory” is a conceptual project that questions the boundaries between playing and working. By hijacking the game of bowling. rotational moulds are inserted into a metal ball; bio resin is poured inside, and then closed. These artefacts are rotating randomly because of the bowling game, and when the game is over, the finished products are extracted from the mould. The results are objects that communicate the freedom of the process that is behind them, and the transformation of a factory into a more human place.

My Own Factory diagram


My Own Factory, production process. Photo: Matthew Booth


My Own Factory, worker ready to bowl. Photo: Matthew Booth


My Own Factory, metal bowling ball with mould inside


My Own Factory, open bowling ball


 My Own Factory, bioresin wine glass  


 My Own Factory, bioresin wine glass