(Soothsayer: a person who predicts the future by magical, intuitive, or more rational means)

Animistic beliefs, traditional knowledge and ritual practices continue to play an important role in many parts of the world today. They acknowledge a larger-than-human dimension where past, present and future can happen at the same time, forever linked through a spiritual power present in objects, organisms and places. Challenging the “primitive” definition that colonial anthropology casted upon animism, ancient forms of knowledge are currently being regarded as valid alternatives to the current global model of corporate capitalism, providing innovative approaches to the use of natural resources, agriculture, land, economy, medicine, gender and power.

These works speculate with the idea of restoring the legends, myths and spiritual forces once present in the life of Europe’s earliest ancestors. While lost thousands of years ago, recent archaeological and scientific discoveries continue to unearth evidence of spiritual practices and forms of proto-shamanism present in sanctuaries across the Mediterranean. Can this ancestral life force still be harnessed today through contemporary meanings and materials? How can we represent the fluidity and permeability between different worlds and species? With this work I’m hoping to embrace a circular/mythical conception of time, where spiritual power does not belong in the past, set in stone, forever immobile, but is rather seen as free-flowing around us in perpetual circulation.

One Hundred Thousand Times Forever.
From the series ‘Soothsayers’, 2022.
Unfired clay, acrylic, hair extensions.
87 x 47 x 10cm


Where Do We Go From Here?
From the series ‘Soothsayers’, 2021.
Unfired clay, acrylic, hair extensions.
71 x 26 x 8cm